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    Plans for the site involve a much cooler and easier to maintain galleries and portfolio areas as well as a place to put random thoughts on the wide variety of projects I work on.  Other things tinkering in my mind are some tutorials that I can link to clients and Google / Bing searchers out there on how to do a variety of tasks as well as tips and tricks. These will probably mostly cover HTML and CSS basics, some Flash, FTP basics and how to use the various functionalities of WordPress.

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Aaron Ciampi

Hi There! My name is Aaron Ciampi and I'm a freelance web guy. The most formal title I have had was "Media Integrations Developer." Basically that meant that I'm good at putting everything together in a contemporary and friendly way. I've got a ton of experience in XHTML / CSS / WordPress / Flash / Photoshop / Illustrator / Dreamweaver / InDesign / Acrobat Professional. I also work with some web apps such as Microsoft Tag / Google Analytics / ExactTarget / Infusionsoft / MailChimp / EventBrite / Aleet along with the well known Microsoft suite including Excel / Outlook / Powerpoint / Word and some intermediate experience with jQuery and Ruby on Rails.

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